Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm outta bed!!! I'm feeling halfway normal!!!! And I've lost a couple pounds!!!Hurray!!! This 'cold' thing has kicked my ass for 3 + days. Never thought I would get bored with sleeping, watching tv and eating fudgicles.I'm even cultivating a desire to clean! Wow! I must be sick!

So, am still bummed that my beloved Peter O'Toole did not capture an Oscar. Really, what is wrong with those people? Its all bullshit anyway. A lot of blah blah blah. Please. ...

No thrifting done this week, but last week I scored at the little consignment shop. I got a little device for making yarn daisies. I love it!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Down for the count

I am sick...down with who knows what nasty virus...a nasty ' i think i just might cough myself inside out' kind of thing. Good excuse to laze on the couch tho. Lots of cleaning and rearranging going on around here with girls rooms. New futon bunk bed combos that will turn little girl rooms into dorm like rooms. This is the end of a fabulous fun filled feb break....ear piercing, museuming, ice creaming, pizzaing, malling, book shopping and a couple movies. Saw Venus with [sigh] Peter O'Toole. Please, please, please, baby please!!!!!!He is soooooo hot for an old man....still got it. Loved it, hope he wins academy award but was a little bummed about ending....a little formula...but, oh well. I did a little thrifting this week and scored some awesome 50's decorating handbooks. Love!!!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning has just slipped into Sunday aternoon. Gray day...can't seem to get started. Almost too many things to do; can't settle on just one . Our old city neighbor is having an annual open house this afternoon. Husband does not want to go but 11 year old daughter does. They have custom made chocolate coins every year that she stuffs in her pockets.Plus she is hoping for chocolate covered cream puffs! Husband is eyeing the half finished basement floor that he started last week. After 3 cups of coffee he still has not ventured downstairs. Told ya...a gray, gray day.

Friday, February 02, 2007

It is a powdered sugar afternoon...fluffy snow has been falling for 2 hours now. Every tree in our yard is frosted white. Especially the tall pines and the Magnolia. This morning there were deer tracks in the snow circling the house. There were two of them, searching for leaves to eat. There were also smaller tracks leading under the bushes surrounding the porch. I wonder who is under there.

This weekend...Roller skating night at the Y...dinner and drinks with old friends...starting to install a floor in the basement to make a family room...making a vegan chocolate cake that I found a recipe for yesterday...and ?????who knows.