Monday, January 29, 2007

A morning of kitchen scrubbing followed by an afternoon at the cafe with my daughter, drinking coffee and doing the crossword puzzles. She is Newsday and I am The Times. Today, as usual, she kicked my ass. Finishing first and, lagging behind and not quite finding every word. We do this a lot.A couple times a week. She comes home from school, dumps her books and we head to the village coffee joint, papers and good pens in hand. Her favorite table is in back, mine is by the window with a view of the town clock. I have to be home soon for my younger daughter's bus so I like to watch the time. We get our drinks and begin. I'm sure folks wonder about us, as we barely speak on most engrossed in our puzzles are we. But, we are together.And, really, I am quite proud. I am there, with my daughter, having fun. I am so lucky.


Monday, January 22, 2007

A Good Day

Clarinet music drifts upstairs, a collage in progress clutters the living room floor, a fat grey cat cuddles in my lap, my coffee steams in the great 50cent mug I love, the taste of cheap raspberry filled chocolates lingers in my mouth and takes me back to my Nana's house...she always looked for candies and treats on sale, she never had much money to spare, no Godiva at her house...once when I was in 1 st grade she picked me up from school ,her junky car broke down and she only had enough bus fare for herself and she was embarrassed that she had to ask if I could ride for free ...I miss her...there is white,fluffy snow streaming down from the sky,covering everything that I can see from my husband will be home soon.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Kitschen Table

Happy New Year!

My 1st resolution should be to actually write my blog a little more regularly! I'll attempt to get back to a schedule of posting and lure back the few readers that I had.Q The few comments that I got along the blogging way were really kind of thrilling...knowing that someone is actually reading your musings.At the moment we are in the midst of a January heat wave...I found a dandelion , johnny jump ups and budding hydrangeas this afternoon. We have many pine trees in the yard, so I took 3 baskets full of pinecones and filled the empty windowboxes with them. Kinda nice...better than the dead leaves that were in them. OOOppppS! More Later...