Saturday, November 11, 2006


Has been 14 days packed with the good, the bad, and the ugly.[you be the judge] Been busy angsting over a real estate deal gone baaaaaad [no new house ], a mighty virus that is making the rounds of our house [nasty bastard] and assorted mini anxieties blah blah blah blah blah blah.Halloween was a warm success. We made the rounds with a french girl in beret and a pleather clad batgirl. We always head to our old city never disappoints. Incredible displays of Halloween spirit by the adults ....hanging ghosts that drop on unsuspecting passersby....a wacky doctor with an unidentifiable accent 'performing' brain transplants on trick or treater...and so much more. So fun! Also have been busy spending time at tweeny concerts [Cheetah fun....the girls had an absolute blast. They shook their $5 glo sticks and screamed on command. Yea, yea,I am not oblivious to the commercialization etc....but they really had a BLAST....... even waited outside the stage door and spied the gals themselves! Oh! Squeals of joy!] So, just in case ya think we're twisting our kids with tweeny concerts,and letting them mainline teen magazine idols, I also took them to meet Hillary Clinton at a luncheon hosted by their daddy. They sat thru 30 minutes of Hillary's talk on health care and then met her and got her autograph. They were suitably bored...however,Maggie WAS extremely impressed with the array of cookies served aferwards.[And just in case you wondered, there was not one squeal of teeny bopper joy at the Hillary thing.]

The rest of my time has been spent junkin' at my usual haunts. I hope to learn to post pix this weekend so that I may share my acquisitions with you all.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tween World

My daughter Maggie and I are leaving to pick up her best friend in an hour. She is decked out in nail polish, gauchoes, an animal print blouse and hair tie..and new Esprit embroidered boots. She is so excited she can barely stand still. She is going to her first concert....THE CHEETAH GIRLS !!!!!![this is where you are supposed to experience high pitched screaming, room rocking jumping, and perhaps a swoon or two!]

The change from little girl to tween has been sneaking up on us for a while, but it has really hit its stride lately. Piles of tried- on- yet- discarded clothes appear on her room floor mysteriously every day. The cd player is in full swing, hairbrush at the ready as an impromtu microphone. I am not allowed to laugh too loudly in publc...or hug her too tightly or do any of a growing number of horrible embarrassing things that I apparently do all the time.

She just yelled out that we are leaving in 45 minutes!!!! I have just enough time to change, grab the camera AND the Tylenol.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Public Market

Today was a warm fall day with no real sunshine. Saw kids off to school, a meeting at school about art projects, and then a fantastic couple of hours spent at the Public Market downtown.

Booths were overflowing with baskets of apples, pears, cauliflower, potatoes...I ws so happy to find my favorite purple cauliflower and broccoli. Also got some apples from those folks who through in a free Rome apple for me to try. Radishes and lettuce and cilantro from another young vendor.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Suddenly It Hit Me!

Well, got through the open house and despite the understocked refreshment stand, I gotta say, it was pretty cool. It really does seem to be a fantastic school. My oldest, Hadley, is a pretty smart cookie...honors classes etc... Teacher after teacher went on about how teaching her class is the highlight of their day because the kids are so motivated and into it. I guess that's bad news, tho, for the rest of our less gifted children who must be, if the theory holds true, well, lets just say, more like a low light?

And, forgive me, but when did the parents get soooooo old? I felt like I was in class with MY parents. OOOOWWWWWW! A little wake up call there!

But turns out I would have been better off playing hooky cuz after the 5 minute hike off campus to find my junky mini van [that I love cuz another scratch don't mean a thing and I can get a huge honkin load of good junk in the back] I pulled into the line of brand spankin new SUVs to wait my turn at the light and.........BAM!!!!! Mr. enormous SUV slammed into my little mini van. Pull over, check damage [none!] and he, embarrassed and concerned, me self deprecating and understanding... inside my van trashed cuz all my latest junk acquisitions thrown around the back[ which little girl left an open can of diet coke in the back????] Turns out that his SUV sits up so high that only his license plate hit our boat hitch! Exchange numbers, he apologizes and says his fault...I am again understanding...go home and my neck and back feel weird...husband a little bit pissed about the guy hitting me ['always the fault of he who hits from behind'] a couple glasses of wine and bed. And today my back is hosed!

Could be the fender bender or maybe just the utter nonsense of me and other mid aged parents having to squeeze into school desks for 2 1/2 hours!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Kitschen TableBAD MOMMY, I don't get it. When we lived in the city, I used to volunteer at school, take my kid to the school playground, run the book fair, and attend every function. I religiously went to book fairs and plays and open houses where I ooohed and ahhhhed over essays and art tacked to the hallway walls. I felt like an involved parent.

Now in the burbs, I'm considered a real slacker. My kids come home from school and do their homework. I do not hover over them. I figure it is their job and they better learn how to do it on their own. Not to say I never help, but I try to let them figure stuff out for themselves. I should have known I was in trouble when another mom cornered me at our local dairy and asked how I felt about the "quality "of the homework coming was 1st grade!!!! Some of the parents out here seem to consider volunteering at school to be a vocation. And the little snipes at us less active parents are pretty glaring....' this the first time you've stepped up to the plate?"

Tonight is open house at my 15 year olds high school. From 7 til 9:30 we are expected to attend class like our child for 15 minute sessions. Doesn't this seem a little much? I'm considering playing hooky!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Kitschen Table
Had the bet day! Maggie and I went for breakfast before school. We went for a bagel...she chose a table outside. We watched all the people on their way to work...some just walking their dogs or getting some exercise. After we ate, we walked down to the canal. The path was lined with ducks resting. Maggie jumped off a stone wall and they flew up en masse and landed in the canal.She got a surprised look and then laughed. Suddenly, as we were investigating the construction of a small veteran's memorial at the canal, the sky openned up and it began to POUR! Across the canal, joggers and fast walkers hid under trees {to no avail} We put up our sweatshirt hoods and dodged raindrops under the trees. We got pretty wet but laughed all the way. Drove Mags to school, where she told me "I have fun with you Mom." I am the luckiest girl, aren't I?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Diary of a Bad Housewife

She's got Mia Farrow Eyes

Been spending every waking moment trying to prepare our house for showing to prospectivee buyers and every sleeping moment dreaming about it. No doubt...I suck at this house cleaning, neat and clean thing. Especially the neat. And I'm sure that all the anal suburbanites that come thru will hurl at the sign of any dust bunnies or scuff marks! I sooooo don't belong here!
I am starting to have that glazed look sported by the young Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby....
On a more positive note, I am finding all kinds of cool stuff stashed in the attic and other treasure spots.

When I learn [from my children!] how to post pix I'll document my treasures here.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Kitschen TableAnyone out there ever sold a house by themselves? Please it a crazy idea or is it worth trying? Any thoughts appreciated
The Kitschen TableAnyone out there ever sold a house by themselves? Please it a crazy idea or is it worth trying? Any thoughts appreciated

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Kitschen TableClearly still trying to get the hang of blogging...not exactly a quick study. Today is a beautiful day here along the Erie Canal.The temp is mild and the sun has that thin feel of fall. Lots of flowers are going to seed. I am packaging as many as I can in clearly labeled envelopes to bring with me if we do move.Looking toward the future and the beauty and excitement spring will hold. The cleome self seeded like crazy this year. And my beloved Strawberry Fields Gomphrena that I was told would not reseed, did! This is now one of my favorite flowers. The red heads truly look like strawberries nestled among the leaves in the garden...and they dry beautifully. I will continue to collect and plant Nigella even tho they require constant dead heading...they are worth it. And my gorgeous nicotiana that are now 3 feet tall will come with me,too. And how could I ever forget my convulvlous...a morning glory look alike that has given me thousands of flowers for 6 years at the cost of 1 pack of seeds. Tonight is the grade school welcome back picnic. I am on dessert duty. Sorry....had to buy my stuff this year. A huge pile of mini chocolate chip cookies, chocolate donut holes surrounded by 300 Kisses... should be a hit...homemade or not.Kids don't seem to care.

Well, back to the trying- to -get- ready -for -a -move grind.

Peace...on this day...and always..

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Kitschen TableAAARRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!
The Kitschen Tablewwwhats a mornig? Can you tell I wrote this before my coffee? MORNING!!!MORNING becomes electric!!!
The Kitschen Tablewwwhats a mornig? Can you tell I wrote this before my coffee? MORNING!!!MORNING becomes electric!!!
The Kitschen TableMornig becomes electric

ahhhhh. The return of school. On this second day of school, I was confronted by my 15 year olds tinny clock radio that preceeds HER waking up by a good 20 minutes. Then my morning is saved by the sputter of the automatic coffee java...ahhh. I fire up the toaster oven to make a pizza bagel for Maggie and then a liitle tv time before heading to the bus. Then a little computer time as I check my blogs and see what everyone is up to. Electric morning ...what's the buzz...tell me whats a happenin!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Kitschen Table: "Kitschen"

The weekend was mostly spent bitchin' and pitchin' as we are still trying to get our over loaded house on de market! Another load of crap hit the curb on Thursday night. It was hard to dump the blonde tv cabinet that I grabbed from the curb myself about 12 years ago but it had a little mildew problem and c'mon....12 years is a long time to stash it....ditto for the veneer peeling deco stool that smelled just a liitle too moldy and a funky chair that I never even liked. I think we are now a regular stop for my fellow garbage pickers. There "is a certain symetry to that" [ala Big Chill dialogue] I have found the coolest stuff that I had almost forgotten that I had stashed....vintage box purse with decoupaged mushrooms from the 70' awesome bracelet[ a weakness] with fake coral beads, a
cache of vintage tins. And I scored 8 circa 1940 and 1960 art magazines at our library's sale shelf. $.25 each!! Its ok...a little junk can come in as long as alot goes out!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lighten Up!!!

Michael [my husband] and I spent all day cleaning gutters and pitching stuff out of the bulging garage. A van load of keepers made it to the storage shed. I am a saver. Can never throw a thing away. I am sentimental to a fault. I make up little histories in my head about the old castoffs I find thrifting or at the side of the road. I feel as if every object has a story to really just have to listen. But all of this keeping and rescuing can lead to some serious over crowding of the house. Now that we are planning a big move[fingers crossed!!!] to a house we love, I seem to have become a different person. I am giving armloads to goodwill. I'm kickin' some of it to the curb. My daughter Maggie delights in watching passing cars slow and then turn around. "Mommy! Somebody's taking our junk!!!" I couldn't be happier. I don't know what has come over me. But I like it. I am casting off and passing on whatever I can part with...keeping only what we truly love. [Well, that's the goal, anyway!]And I am starting to feel a load lighten. I feel free. I feel like we are starting over again. Getting a fresh start in a new house. I am so excited!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dream House

Just got back from the inspection on the new house. It was built in 1814 near the Erie Canal. It is in great shape, considering its' age but is definitely an old house. The kitchen is just little bits and pieces of cupboards put together over the years and...well, the bathrooms have seen better days. But all in all it is a place that we feel we could call home for the next 50 years. We are in the process of putting this house up for sale. A grueling activity if ever there was one. But thoughts of the other house keep us going. The worst that can happen is the deal falls through and we wind up we a clean house!!

It is the last week of summer vacation and the weather has already turned a corner into fall. Gloomy, rainy...rather cozy days that make the kids want to go to the movies or curl up with a book. Didn't this summer go quickly?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What was I thinking??

On a whim we looked at a 200 year old farmhouse that is for sale in our neighborhood. Two days later, here we are, just home after putting in an offer on the house! Were we in the market for a new place? Not really. Are we ready to put our bursting at the seams house on the market?Definitely not. Am I now tearing my hair out, trying to pitch every bit of junk that I can part with? Gritting my teeth and imagining strangers critiqueing our every possession, and color choice and yucking over our filthy couch? AAARRRGGGG! What was I thinking!!!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Took a spin around Barnes and Noble with the kids this evening. Hard to say no when they want to check out books. Got lucky at the 75% off table and scored a few reference books for on Fostoria glass, Hull pottery, and two about vintage costume jewels[a personal weakness!!!!] Who knows...maybe some obscure thing I got for a buck will be worth thousands!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Vacation Day

Today we took a day to just hang with friends. It was close to 100...we spent the entire afternoon in the pool. Water so warm and yet so 5 hours not one of us got out because we were cold. After her friends went home, Maggie and I swam for 2 hours alone. We talked and swam and talked and dove. She told me little secrets and big worries. When she got out of the water she spied 2 butterflies playing tag among the lilies. One took a shine to her and hung out on Maggie's crazy-cool curls for quite a while. For a few moments all her worries seemed to vanish and there was nothing but pure joy in her face.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday Sunday

Spent all afternoon of this gloriously sunny but hot and humid day trying to unload a bunch of clutter. Can almost see the entire kitchen island! If you only knew what an accomplishment that would be!!!I am at the very least, a clutter magnet. It sticks to me, is attracted to me, stalks me. I could probably spend the better portion of a month dejunking and still not be close to the kind of organization that most people require in their homes. On the other hand, we are never bored. We always have some cool thing to fiddle with, rearrange, do a craft with. In fact, anyone who ever comments about the sheer amount of stuff in our house usually is the first to call us to 'borrow' something that they just can't seem to find anywhere else[ at a moments notice.]Some vintage glasses for a rowdy party [no], green tights for a costume, a black cape, shoe buckles, glass beads for an art class, a car seat, vintage toys, sleds, platters, chairs, 2 tiered tea plates,etc..... Gee, I am just sooooo silly for being such an archivist of the arcane but so useful to know in the event you need something. Go figure.
Gotta run. Taking my 15 year old to see "Wordplay." She is a serious crossword and sudoku junky. Thank god...imagine what else she could be into. Gotta love her. She is so cool.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Slowly getting back up to speed after a bout of stomach nasties for M, my ten year old. Today was a day of see if she could eat,so we finally broke out the Magic Bullet. She got it for Christmas because she loves to cook, but it just sat in the box til now. It is awesome!!! It really does make the best smoothies we have ever made at home. I have broken 2 blenders attempting to make frappaccinos at I am really impressed with this blender.[ I am almost able to overlook the horrible commercial but not quite.] Tomorrow I will attempt a frappacino despite my bad record. And M wants to make cheddar cheese salsa.[?]We'll let you know how it works out.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Greetings on this day filled with clouds and soaking all-day rain. So comfy-cosy.Unfortunately I have a little girl down with the stomach flu...ahhhh, the joys of motherhood. Funny, but I really do seem to be at my best when they need me the most. My role as Mama ia so clear when they are sick or hurt. No gray area. I am the ONE. The stomach- patter, the water- getter, the bathroom cleaner-upper. The 3 am storyteller, the tucker-inner, the tell silly- jokester. I am Mommy. So, today, the dishes and clothes will have to wait. No long talks about garage sale finds. No cruising the thrift stores.No wondering about the meaning of my life. My baby needs me. I am right where I want to be.

Friday, June 30, 2006

The kitchen table...the epicenter of our homes. The place where we talk, ponder, write, think,read,wonder, draw, create, laugh, tell, yell, whisper, giggle, kiss, hug, cry, remember.....and yes, eat. I acquire old kitchen tables. They seem to follow me home. There they become sewing tables, craft areas, coffee tables, potting benches, and all around catch-all tables. The irony is that I have no kitchen table in my kitchen. Instead I have the modern interpretation...a melamine covered hunk in the middle of the floor. It can't be dragged closer to the window for a better view of the garden or moved against the wall to make an impromptu dance floor. It holds no junk drawer full of forgotten objects. No child can wriggle underneath and make a fort, or write their name upside down. And so I make do with my collection of cast-offs. Some from tag sales and thrift stores. Some rescued from the side of the road. All evoke a memory of sitting around the kitchen table cluttered by fabulous kitsch....salt and pepper shakers, depression glass, funky planters, loud linens, truly tacky cookbooks, homemade treasures...and feeling fabulously at home among it all. So, c'mon. Pull up a funky chair to my kitschen table, choose a cup (how about cobalt Moderntone or do you prefer gray Russell Wright today?) pour yourself a cup of coffee and let's have ourselves a well deserved chat.