Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Waiting Game

Sitting here in the kitschen,glued to CNN,trying to get something,anything, done.Throw in a load of laundry,check the tv....turn on the dishwasher,check the tv....let in the cat...check.......The polls don't begin to close for 5 1/2 hours....there is pretty much nothing to check yet,... but i can't help myself. This is the 1st election in years....well, maybe my life, that I really care about. I actually believe in a candidate,actually believe that change can come. I actually believe that we can and will make a difference in this country. So, I will vote for Barack Obama today. I'll drag my kids in the voting booth after school, to watch history in the making. And then I will watch tv incessantly all night, on pins and needles, until it is absolutely for sure that the race is over.And tomorrow will be a new day.